Our Story

We are a family owned business with an established presence in old Haleiwa town located in Hawaii’s infamous North Shore. Although the business is owned between me, Lutisha Manganag and my baby brother, Paul Kealoha Jr, our partnership also includes the never-ending support of Marylin and Paul Sr. whom we affectionately refer to as “Mom and Dad. Hence, this is how we four became 4 DA FAMILY.
We opened for business on November 9, 2015. A special date chosen specifically in dedication to our "Gramma Moa" who's birthday is the same day.  Our signature color: royal purple was the favorite of our late "Tutu Kealoha" whom was our rock. We miss her everyday. The tree was selected by our mom, who wanted a symbol for family. The choice was pretty obvious (smiles). The business name was a joint effort between my brother and I.  After days of brainstorming we decided simple was best. A business for our family...with 4 of us ... there you go! As for our motto, we have Dad to thank. His straightforward "You like them to leave here with good kine grindz right?" became "Bringing home the tasting flavors of the islands!" (Lol) Thanks, Dad!

Our specialty: MACADAMIA NUTS! At our store location, we offer FREE samples of our whole dry-roasts exotic flavor blends which cannot be found anywhere else. What started out as family recipes have now fostered into such uniquely delicious flavor combinations that we’re proud of sharing with you.

All the macadamia nuts are grown, harvested and roasted in the southern part of Kona, in the Big Island. We are fortunate to be working directly with another family owned business, whose legacy in farming is multi-generational, proving that the product provided is the best quality “Home Grown” macadamia nuts.

“Bringing home the tasting flavors of the islands” is our motto and mission. As a business and as a family we will continue to pour our hearts into making mouthwatering macadamia nut flavor blends that you’ll enjoy.